Welcome to The Swim Scout, a site that dives into the statistical analysis of swimming.

The Swim Scout



The Swim Scout is an engine that brings to light a statistical analysis approach to the competition, training, and business aspects of swimming.

Founded by Elliot Meena, The Swim Scout is a collaborative effort of many swimmers and journalist who believe that for a sport like swimming, where time is the measurement of success, statistical analysis can provide a different angle for coaches and swimmers to develop race strategies based on relative, rather than absolute, results.



Through monitoring and measuring a variety of metrics, both physical and mental, The Swim Scout uses data-driven results to unite a broad audience of swimmers and coaches, giving the phrase ‘training partner’ a new definition.

Through a variety of articles and case studies, The Swim Scout produces a unique view of swimming for members of a Club, High School, Collegiate, Elite, Masters, or Triathlon program to use in their training and competition.



By using a relative percentile approach when measuring the different components of swimming, The Swim Scout can assist coaches and swimmers with developing tailored race strategies around specific strengths.

Not every swimmer is created equal. Some are taller with longer wingspans, while other swimmers have more flexible ankles. Features such as these should not be overlooked when strategizing and using a relative approach does not disfavor any swimmer of any skill level.